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'Layers' design by Richard Hutten

Layers is based on his taped wall for a room in the Llayers Lloyd Llove hotel, in Tokyo. Richard selected tapes you normally use to seal carton boxes. Some of the tapes were specially made for this room, others were standard ones found in utility shops. On one tape you can leave your mark, expressing your personal feeling or needs. This wallpaper is not to be seen as a finished piece, but one which invites to draw or write over, in order to make it personal and unique.


'Grimm' design by Christie van der Haak

Once upon a time! The dark pine forests in Germany are thé stage for the fairytales Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Mother Hulda. This environment inspired artist Christie van der Haak in developing the new folkloric and imaginative wallpaper Grimm. Grimm comes in three versions: Grimm Forest (dark green and black), Grimm Sky (white and light blue) and Grimm Palace (multi coloured).


'Witjes' design by Ed Annink

In the Drents Museum in Assen we took a series of sharp pictures of an antique 17th century ceramic tiles wall. By doing so we registrated the differences in color due to the historical baking process. We also registrated the cracks, scratches and lines that appeared in the tiles over the years. These tiles are since the 17th century called 'Witjes', expressing the wished colour white. This wallpaper is a memory to these original 'Witjes' which where used in cellars in Amsterdam (first quality was in the colour white) and in farms in the north of The Netherlands (mostly in the second choice: very light and pale green, pink, blue and grey).

'Crazy Birds' design by Ed Annink

Are birds crazy? Only when they sit on each other’s heads, we would say. These birds are also remarkable because of their unexpected colours. And if you look closer you will discover beautifully detailed birds legs ánd, talking about details, you will see little insects around these happy ands colorful birds. Why are the insects there? Because birds are always searching for something to eat. Not only for themselves álso for the little baby birds!